I Lost This

Weighed in 2.6 lbs less today. Halamotherfuckingkaleem. That’s what I say. Had a pretty good day at work today, my mind was racing with blog bits. Well, for one I woke up freezing assholes off at about 3:15 in the a.m. and my mind was tuned into SpencerforHire’s frequency. I was thinking about him, and not just one thought but about a million. Everything and nothing. I can’t even think of a specific thing but the mind was a racing. Kind of scares me. Previously when that has happened it’s been for a reason. Will have to touch base with him and make sure he’s still kickinit like van Damme.

So, I believe I got the propane but the firewood that I bought two big bags of at the grocery? IT WON’T BURN!!!!! I mean what the hell? At least there’s heat. Right?

Went to the gym tonight after work and of course all the treadmills were taken. We’ve had this elliptical discussion at work this week because i for one, hate it. Feel like a drunk ass giraffe on that thing. On the treadmill I run and sing and pretend I’m in NYC and it’s a party for one. On the elliptical. . . forget it. It’s sucks. BUT I got on that bitch tonight and did the weight loss setting that MGirl says to do and let me tell you!!!


I wonder if anyone has stroked out and fallen down off of one of those things? Huh. But whatever. I did my time. Did it and took a tan and came home to the Frontier. Me and the crazy ass cats. Doop de doop.

So let me just tell you about this. My second client this morning, whom I’ve only seen once about a year ago came in for a style. Shampoo and blow out. I asked her how she was doing and she said “my daughter died yesterday and the wake is tonight and funeral is tomorrow”

if you can believe this, it’s not the first time a client has told me that. I just kind of fall apart with them and somehow we manage to get hair done.

Without even thinking about boundaries I just reached around and wrapped my arms around her. I kind of held it together and we talked and she was a little wobbly and as I shampooed her, I just closed my eyes and prayed for peace of her heart.

Sidebar: Gert’s got some family that is in the ICU and have been praying for them since about 10:30 last night she’s probably blogged on it but keep her and her little cousin close to your heart

Now I’m not saying I’m a Shaman or did some sort of laying on of hands kind of stuff, but I have to say, there was a peace that came about that got us both through that appointment. I immediately went to the back and just lost it for a bit. it kind of felt like I took some of the negative energy into me and gave her some of mine. Is this a little too Freaky Friday for you? I don’t know. I believe it. I do know there is something about the healing power of touch. I do know that negative and positive energy flows back and forth. We feed from that. So there. Kind of a really neat way to start my day. I hope she has peace tonight and tomorrow and for many more days.

The house hunting begins. Tomorrow MeShell and I will go check out a few houses and on Sunday I believe it to be a party with MGirl and maybe Gert and Martha coming along. It’ll be a freakin convoy, but whatever. It’s my first house. It’s gonna take a village.

Is this all from me? So many voices all talking at once up there today. maybe I can get some sleep tonight. Warmth. Ahhhhhhhhhh blessed warmth. Tomorrow is Friday. For all you lucky people that end your week tomorrow, here’s a big warm dose of Halakaleem coming your way. I am tucking myself into bed with a big….warm….(dirty) dose of this!

6 thoughts on “I Lost This

  1. If we can find what you lost Noodle is dying to have him as a pet. She hasn’t quite convinced me to buy her a turtle yet. You are so kind. The client. Sugar, you spin that chair around and never know what you are going to get. House hunting. Yes, lets do stalk some houses this weekend. I hate the climber thing as well. Love your descriptions about it… Giraffe. Good writing! XO


  2. That elliptical is gross. It hurts my knees.I gotta put something other than chantuese alt-country on my ipod, because that makes me want to just stroll on the treadmill…no good for the sweating.


  3. that elliptical IS GROSS!!!! who’s thedumbass that invented that genius machine??? dion, though, he rocks on it. he jogs to texas and back!! I find that some good ole booty scratch on theipod is good for the hauling ass on the treadmill.


  4. I am laughing out loud right now about “Timber, she must fall down alot.” Since I can’t figure out how to post this on Gerts site, I am posting it on yours!!!!


  5. You really do get a whole lot of stuff that has nothing to do with hair when you’re at work. It’s a good thing you’re so good at handling that kind of thing. That poor woman!Go you with the loss! Love that!


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