My House Is A Very Very Very Fine House With Three Cats In The Yard

I made an offer on a house Saturday. It got accepted today. Holy moly. I’m about to be a homeowner. Here’s the link to look at it. The pics make it look bigger than it really is. It’s tiny, but cosy. Just right. I’m going to hypervennilate now.


9 thoughts on “My House Is A Very Very Very Fine House With Three Cats In The Yard

  1. Oh my LORD I wish you ALL werehere for all of that. Everyone I know has better decorating skill and taste the shopping gene than I do. Sigh. But Gert and Co. are at the helm and it will be ready for many many visits. Chrome, it’ll be you andI in the floor singing Oh Christmas Tree again and again and again!!!! HALAKALEEM.and D? Grownup…it doesn’t feel any different this thingI’m doing. Just more scary about the unknown. But you all live with that everyday.


  2. I am so delighted to be at the helm. Can’t wait to sail around Mattress Brothers and watch your style emerge. This is a great day! Can’t wait for it… March 31 closing just in time for Spring planting!


  3. P.S. You have a ton of style! Loads of it just waiting to be discovered. Pish posh on everyone has a better gene than you do! Look at your taste in men for goodness sake…George is Channel.


  4. It looks great. I’m so glad that you found something that feels right…….because everybody needs a place of their own….Love to you.


  5. I am so excited for you! Let me know when we can go see it!! I am anxious! Cozy and warm and cute is perfect! I can’t wait to see your “Yard Art” in the back there by the building!!!!!


  6. You’ve seen my house, you KNOW that you have a bigger decorating gene than I do. :)I’m so excited for this and so glad for you and so incredibly impressed by how quickly you got from, “I need to save money for this” to “I’m closing on March 31.” You are awe inspiring, heavy on the inspire.


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