Sign Sign, Everywhere I Sign

MeShell had the good sense to capture this moment on film via her cellphone. She’s gonna make a great momma someday!

Lawd, what a weekend!! Halakaleem! So many thank you’s to all of you for the texts/comments/myspace messages. MGirl said it right. I’ve got a great camp! I certainly do. For those of you who tromped thru the house before i got the balls to sign for it, all the while winking and nodding and encouraging me, I thank you! it’s going to be a crazy few months! But look at me now. Six months ago I was in such a dark, horrible place and now I’m a gosh danged homeowner!! What the fuck??? Let’s get it done fast before they realize that I’m sooooo not grown up and have been faking it all these years!

Monday is inspection day. 2pm. We have to make sure things are up to code and pass or I’m walking away from this baby, no deal. It’s more complicated than my brain can deal with but I’m doing ok, keeping up, treading water. My mind has shifted from the oh my gosh oh my gosh stuff to visualizing the bliss and memories I’m going to have in this fabulous place!!

I think I close march 30th. If all the stuff is done before, we’ll do it earlier. However, i don’t plan on moving until the end of April. I want to wait till after my sis has her baby. One big thing at a time. So far Holden Walker is growing and kicking and still is set to launch April 16ish. After that, I’ll call the movers and pack the piano and Forward march!!! Until then, I hope to get painting done, and some furniture bought and maybe get a washer/dryer but you know? If I don’t? whatever. Throw some cold beer in the fridge and move the hell in anyway!!

On the frontier alone this week. Me and the cats anyway. Bonusmom is spending time in Arkansas then going to her sis’s house in St Louis. So anyway, I’ll be hunting and gathering info for my mortgage man, working on taxes, sending break a leg wishes to the NYC gals, oh yeah, Valentimes is this week too. I’d better shave just in case George stops by, get the legs nice and smooth. maybe change the sheets…but that might jinx things! Ok. dirty sheets it is!

I’ve put off doing work for too long. Must sign of for a bit. Huzzuah and Halakaleem and i love George Clooney.

One thought on “Sign Sign, Everywhere I Sign

  1. I have tech on V-Day. I didn’t exactly plan it that way but I’m not sorry at all.If they didn’t catch me as a kid in grown ups clothing they certainly won’t catch you. Fingers crossed for the inspection!


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