breathe in breathe out

breathe in breathe out

so much in my brain. swimming, swirling, spinning around.

Hindsight being what it is, I didn’t need the inspection backup that was my friend. I arrived along with my realtor, the seller of the house and our two guys. termite inspection and house inspection. It was a little uncomfortable but bottom line she wants to get rid of this house. She knows since I’m an FHA loan, there will be seriously stipulations regarding the water heater, the furnace etc. After the realtor and seller left, it was me and the inspector there for another hour. He went over things freely with me and that’s awesome. He was great. I feel really great about the work that he did. We now wait for his report, and we figure out what must be fixed and what can be let go as cosmetic stuff.

Found my tax stuff from last year, but since the inspection ran long didn’t get it to the guy. That will wait till tomorrow. I have a sinking feeling that the year previous I was on Ex-Him’s taxes as a dependent. I think. We did that a few times because I made zero to no money…huh. I left him a voicemail but didn’t hear back from him. Will have to call tomorrow.

I need a secretary.
I didn’t work out as Aunt Flo arrived wielding a fat sword so am home in my soft clothes, watching my boyfriend Anthony Bourdain with back to back eps. Halakaleem!

I need prayers for my friend, ya’ll. J.M. was my split apart when I was in college. Where there was one there was the other. He was my soul. My best of my best. He had a mental breakdown this weekend and is currently in lockdown in a psych ward at a hospital. I just got an update from our go-to girl down there and she said he was better today. He’s there for at least 10 days. He needs prayer and energy and light. Send some his way please. Life is so fragile.

I have had the worst temptation for pop this weekend. Seriously. But have stayed strong. Am about to go have some bubbly lemonade (crystal lite and club soda!) I think though, instead of my soft pants, I put on my cranky pants because I’m just annoyed by everything right now. grrrr.

My camera…well it did have a battery that came with. Do those die? this soon? I no comprende. just got this camera in September of 07. Anyone have a clue?

Ok man, I’m out. Handful of ibuprofin downed by a nice glass of wine. just what the doctor ordered. It’s certainly better than the alternative eh? flop.

2 thoughts on “breathe in breathe out

  1. At least he’s in a safe place now. I hope the recovery is swift and good. You’re getting a lot done! Step by step, that’s all anyone can ask of you.


  2. Good. Now you know what all of us did not know… how to inspect a house. glad to see she is motivated to sell it to you. That can’t hurt anything. I would recommend taking your camara by Epperson on May. They are super nice and can get you what you need. Anthony was looking mighty good yesterday. So funny! He cracks wise so well.


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