Almost 1pm and I’m already annoyed. and just plain pissed off.

My new shiny pink camera isn’t working. Not when I plug it in th juice up. not when I plug it into the computer. nada. Fuck.

My mortgage broker called. STILL NEED more information. not just the w2’s now, but the whole of the tax stuff. now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if i weren’t living out of boxes. And damn it!! Ask me for all this shit at once instead of bit by bit and piece by piece. Just when I think we’ve got all we need and can proceed with finding me some money, flop. It’s wearing me out a little.

To top it off, my back up for the inspection sent me a text, THE DAY OF- AN HOUR BEFORE to cancel her attendance. Too busy. payroll. fine. but we knew payroll was today last week when I could have made arrangements for other backup. The back up of MY choosing. Now, here we are an hour before and “oh damn. too busy. will catch up next time.”



how’s your monday?
I’m going to dig thru boxes.

5 thoughts on “Bugger!!

  1. Well, Christ on a cracker that sucks. I’m sitting around doing bloody nothing since it’s a holiday here (thank heavens) and I need recovery time. Wish I could help you dig through boxes.


  2. If it’s been cold and wet there recently, that may be why the “payroll” problem suddenly came up. An inspector will have to check the pipes under the house and it is probably still very cold and wet there. Speaking of cold and wet, grab yourself some beer(or your adult beverage of choice) for tonight, pick out something good to watch and forget the day. Tommorow will be better.


  3. Oh and digital camara’s generally have to have lithium batteries. I don’t want to seem like I am talking down to you here… I didn’t know it when I got mine. So I was just letting you know too! Remember this is fun GD it.


  4. thanks guys. I did find the one tax thing but not the other. Wish you were here, too Kizz. Seriously. It went ok. blogged about it. KTD, i am having some fuzzy lemonade instead of a beer. I drank a lot this weekend! and have weigh in on thursday. but, I am watching the travel channel and playing online and forgetting about the day. Thanks!!


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