Inspector Gadget

Today is “INSPECTION DAY” 2pm. Cross fingers and say prayers that it is a good little house and that all goes well!

what a great weekend! Hung out with Mgirl and B and ScottyRingo and Seige on Friday night. There really should be a camera that follows us around. Things are just funnier when we are together. Truly.It was a crappy rainy weekend, and thankfully the temps were just one to two degrees warmer than necessary or we would have seen another ice storm. Things were a little tense for about an hour there!

Thought we would just have a night in on Saturday but that never sounds as good at five o’clock as it does at nine a.m.!! Mgirl and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse then hung out at the bar for a bit. Good things all around. She won a bet on a basketball game, I got to see Ex-Kid and her BF. They are building a house. We all talked and hugged and spent crazy time, a shot or two between us. It was good to see her.

Yesterday was spent being lazy, doing laundry,napped, actually cooked dinner. (whole wheat pasta with sauce and mushrooms and red peppers, green beans and crusty bread) watched part of the Simpsons’ movie. Nice. Pretty much the same thing today. slept in, played on the computer, finished laundry. Dyson’d the carpets. BonusMom comes back tonight so the house is nice and shiney for her return. going to get ready and head to the city for the inspection, go by the supply place for a new flat iron (mine broke at work)hit the gym and the grocery store for the weeks provisions then home for the new week.

I’ll be back, I’m sure to inform you about the inspection. There’s something else I need to talk to you about, and ask for prayers and thoughts on but first Kirk, go check your myspace. Chrome, check your email.

I’m out for the minute ya’ll. I leave you with this…my dream team.

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