Way to go Bubba and Jamie!!! THAT IS MAGNIFICENT! I’m so proud and excited for everyone. Another child! Cousin! Auntie! The best ever.

I think we need to employ a dream interperter. Between Gert’s dreams (the hell?) and my own we could supply him or her with many many hours of work. Last night, I woke up, again around midnight and was awake for awhile, then again around 4 and was awake for awhile. My last dream was this. Finally closed on the house. Everthing was ok. But my payment was 1089.99 a month. and the payments fluctuated. it was 87.00 the first month then 1089 for six months then 2000 for a few months….i woke up crying. Poor Little Black Sambo had no idea what was going on!!!

Heading out to Arkansas tonight. Sis called yesterday and said you may want to s just come stay with me and sleep with Wonderboy because Dad is bringing New Her with him. she’s not invited to the party but she’s staying with him at Moms. Now, Sis has said that New Her was not coming around at her functions i.e. birthday parties, births etc. However, this makes me wonder, in light of me finally meeting, do they think it’s all hunky dory and let’s be one big fucked up family and blow out the candles together??? I really don’t have enough brain space to deal with all of that. The thing that pisses me off is I won’t get to just go crawl into the great bed at Mom’s with a sleeping pill and finally get rest. I’ll be bunking with the Wonderboy who has to get up to pee or we have sometimes an accident. (totally my child. sometimes I have accident whilst awake!!) and maybe I’ll get the top bunk or maybe we’ll sleep together but no matter what we are awake at the crack of ass.!!!

Hey guys that are here locally! (gert and joe and everyone else!!) Mark your calendars for March 29th. Spence is mc’ing at the Loony Bin here in OKC. I’m getting a group together to go laugh and support!! We are hitting the 10:30 show and plans for earlier should include food somewhere or a little painting at my house! haha. that was a joke.a perfect example of why I”M not mc’ing.

Gonna be a great time. I’m so looking forward to it. I don’t know who the headliner is, but Spence is brilliantly funny just when he’s sitting in my chair getting a hair cut. Imagine the effect when he actually TRYS!!

ok readers, I’m outta here. Gotta go hang with Meme and Co for the weekend. Survival is key. Hopefully she won’t fight with Dad, Dad won’t fight with Bonusmom, Bonusmom won’t hide in the hotel room (i might),Mom doesn’t fret herself into a spell, SIs doesn’t go into labor and no one drowns in the hotel pool. Wish me luck thru Monday around five pm. I know I have all the support in the world. Love and more love and this big fat sloppy wet kiss from me to you.


One thought on “BIG FAT BABY CONGRATS!!

  1. I’ll book a taxi. I already miss getting out. I miss you. I miss MGirl. We hardly spoke last time I saw her. But she did look fabulous in the green dress. Dreams…. ass kicking, weird, crazy… may be it has something to do with thinking about signing papers for the first time in our lives that says “You owe X amount.” I mean we are not buying Park Place or Board Walk yet… but even owning those shitting little purple fuckers can be stressful. My UG used to call Baltic… Buttlick Ave when we played. And we for sure all all hell don’t get to use paper money to pay for all this stuff.


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