Wonderbo, MeMe and ChuckeCheese!

Winding up this weeknd. Thankfully, no major crisis to report. The outdoor park party got moved due to bad weather. This didn’t really hurt my feelings. I wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. Parks mean running and we all know I don’t run.

While at the crazy game place, I taught MeMe to play skeeball. She didn’t suck! Lot’s of laughs.

I’m beat and this keyboard has a mindof its own andI dont want o fight it. Enjoythe pics. I’m mere hours away frombecoming homeowner. Bought some painttoday. Trim and doors. Exciting. However, if “they” don’t hand me the keys tomorrow at closing,then I’m walkng right out that door. Funding or no funding. I’mnot signing if I don’t get posession. So, everyone send good logical thougts to those people and hopefully we’llhave a deal!

3 thoughts on “Wonderbo, MeMe and ChuckeCheese!

  1. Your MeMe is bold and brassy in the best of ways. I love her.Good logical happy thoughts being sent directly to you to distribute as need be. I’m excited for you. Also a little nervous for you, but in a good way.


  2. Give the title company you should be closing at a call and hopefully they should be able to reassure you that at the closing after the papers are signed it is all yours. If they can’t give you that reassurance, give your realtor a call and tell him/her that they better start earning their money and find out what the damn deal is. But really, after tomorrow it should be all yours and congratulations on that. We’re all happy for you.


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