Alternate Bliss

Another night…another bag under the eye! What can I say…the kid is a night owl! Oh well. Things are moving along nicely here. The family is working on their routine, factoring in another child, bob and weave, left and right. They have it down to a science. It’s about time for me to take myself out of the equation and head homewards…give them their couch back.

Wonderboy and I had a nice morning. He doesn’t wake up very well, a.k.a. puts on his cranky pants first thing in the morning! But we had some fun, played some video games, ate a toaster strudel and a pancake on a stick, did some hair, talked about butt workers ( I (he) flushed a little one yesterday…he didn’t do very much work…that’s what happens. You just get flushed!) then he went off to school. I’m going to hang around until he’s out before I get on the road.

It’s been a delightful visit. The Wonderbaby is DE-LISH-US. It’s been interesting slipping into someone elses life for awhile. Funny. I always thought it’d be my life…this one with the husband who makes you laugh till you pee, and the children and the house…I remember sitting in college having one of my first awakenings and figuring out the whole Follow Your Bliss concept and having tears stream down my face and asking Ma, “…but which bliss do I follow?…and what if I choose the wrong one?”

I always thought this…this would be a bliss I could do. I think I still could. Can. Maybe someday when Mr. Lanky Delicious sweeps me off of my feet….

What do you think…is there an alternate bliss out there for you? What is it?

3 thoughts on “Alternate Bliss

  1. Who could ask for anything more? I don’t know if I can. My cup is running over. Sometimes when I see MGirl being devilishly happy with her entourage of men… I think about going back. And how sad it is that it seems that life for me is done. Once Around. I was that girl once and around.


  2. What did Ma SAY!?!?!?! I want the answer too!There has to be an alternate bliss for me. I mean, I suppose I might have gotten married and be moving to Abu Dabi right not. I could have decided to stay in the UK, too, that would have been interesting.


  3. i see where you’re going with this once around stuff…and you can just let me off at the corner. Life for you is not done. Life is what it is. And that’s what I’m talking about. Your bliss that you’re living now will not be the bliss you live in 10 years! Kizz…Abu Dabi???the hell??? It is weird, though. If I’d have stayed with the First One, who disliked me so much, I’d be living this too….possbily…I have to belive though, that we are all right smack where we are supposed to be. And Ma….well she just gave me that smile that said, I see where you are my dear, and you have to figure it out for yourself. She also mentioned how easy divorce was these days!!! (this was right before I married the First One) heh heh heh!


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