Hi Honey! I’m Home. . . Oh yeah…I forgot…I’m not married.

Home. Home on the range.

Where the cats and the cats and the cats plaaaaaaaaaaaay!


Trying to upload pics of Wonderbaby…it takes forever on my machine. I’ve tweaked the size of the pics, bla bla bla, still it takes forever. So…

I’m home. It was a grand visit. got good face time in with the fam. Got the paint for my house. . . . OH MY GOD ARE WE SO FREAKIN SICK OF THIS SUBJECT YET?!?!?!?!?!?! Fuck around. I sure as hell am.

Dad arrives tomorrow night and begins to do work for the rest of the week. I go to class tomorrow morning and work during the rest of the day to prep for that. We’re on the downhill slide gentle readers! that deserves a universal Halakaleem!


hows about this little load of delicious?!?!?!?!


2 thoughts on “Hi Honey! I’m Home. . . Oh yeah…I forgot…I’m not married.

  1. I really do believe that putting it out there is what it takes to get what you want from the Universe. Whether its a slow hum like I would like to own a vineyard and a leather couch someday. Or a great big I want a family. Sometimes the return is so fast… like right now with the house. And sometimes it is so slow… like when we were selling the bookstore. That took forever to get that message through. So keep posting the dreams Sister. I believe in them. I do! I do! I do! We can get you into anything and if its challenging I always have my trusty pliers!


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