We’re Number One!!!

Yes. I will say it again. We’re Number One!!!

Not many people shouting this phrase this weekend…tragic Red River Rivalry.

Nope, I’m talking about Oklahoma being number 1 in the CHEAPEST GASOLINE! The Today show just said we are at 2.65 or somewhere in that area. BUT the 7-11 around the block from my house has it at 2.49. not to bad!

yes, 7-11 has has the alcohol in it, so it’s bad for your cars. It’s always the cheapest here in OKC. The good news is, if it’s that cheap there, the other places are almost affordable this week!!!

It’s rainy. It’s cold. It’s going to clear up for Fall Fest. I wish everyone a great day. Kizz, feel better babe. Chrome…post those photos! (she did a super-extra-happy-project at her home this weekend and I’m DYING for everyone to see it!!!)

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