Happy Birthday Gert and Seth!!!

Gert, my bf for a quarter of a century,is another year wiser today.Turns out, my new friend Seth is as well. Gotta love me some Libras! (and both are veg!) Gert is here, local, and Seth is in NYC, being a funny funny man.

Here’s to you both, today. You make my life fuller, livelier, richer, and infinitely funnier. Here’s a little cyber party for both of ya. It’s a mix of both your likes! BTW, that chocolate cake is vegan!

getting ready for the party!

A few snacks and slurps…

a little funny ha ha!

a little music…

and me. I’m here at your party. laughing my ass off and something both of you just said
Happy Birthday Kids! I hope today brings you as much joy and you give to everyone else! Muah!!!

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