The Second Coming

Yesterday almost killed me. We had class in the morning and learned a new haircut that is awesome. Then to work till 8. Now, I only did three clients. But the first two, were perms. On hair that was almost below the bra strap. Asian hair. Back to back perms.

It was fine, they were the most beautiful perms I’ve ever done. The girls were on the fence as to if they liked them or not. NO one remembers that in totally changing the actual bonds of the hair fiber, we have made it extremely fragile. No shampooing/conditioning for two days. 48 hours. (Legally Blonde anyone?) The first girl gets up and immediately pulls it back into a tight pony tail. Pulls the curl right out of the top. Her sister, the second client was just freaking out and needy and had all of these short layers in her crown that kept springing out like a roosters and took about a million end papers per rod. GAH. It was hard. and I don’t care if they hate it. it was gorgeous.

and I made commission.

I was keeping track of the commission and the rest of the week when I looked at my book for today. I hardly ever do that, look ahead for the week, just chance that I did yesterday. I saw the first appointment on my book today at 10:30 and saw that holy freakin hell, The Pilot returns.

Pilot was a flirty little texting thing that HE started last summer after I left Ex-Him. I stress that he started it because I’m so freaked about making things up in my head that aren’t there. See This Post. Anyways, there was just flirty texting. Nothing big. and one night we were talking and he says, “I’m at my girlfriends house in Houston. You’d better not text me anymore.”

like I’M THE STALKER FREAK!! Gah. gross. That was a year ago, give or take. and all of a sudden, here he is this morning. My last client, one of my FAVORITES came in for cut and color and she has been a major source of support this last year and she, bless her heart, wants me to really do something wack to his hair. carve my initials in his hairline or some such. Bwa ha ha ha ha. If only I was even an nth that angry! Or anything emotional about it.

Twill be interesting. This isn’t the same fragile ninny that he knew last year. Hell no it’s not! I’m sure the details of our appointment will be less scintillating than I’m making it out to be, but I’ll keep you updated nonetheless.

I found a new book last night.

Cue universal groan at my lack of will power against buying books.

It’s by Rob Bell. I think I’ve talked about him before. The redhead turned me on to him and I’ve been a fan ever since. He has a new one out and when I saw that, I jumped up from the big green chair, found shoes that matched (not on the first try however) and ran to the B&N and bought the last two copies. Immediately drove his copy over to him looking like twelve miles of dirt road. ROUGH is not even close. But whatever. Hung on the comfy couch for about a half hour then came home before I fell asleep at his house. Now. That would have been embarrassing. Anyways, my point, and I do have one is this. I came home and finished reading Ruby Sunrise for my play committee. I heart this story. and then fell asleep. Woke right up around 2am and tossed for an hour then got up and got online for awhile then read the new book for awhile then apparently I fell back asleep.

I hate not sleeping. Especially when I’m so tired. makes me put on cranky pants that give wedgies.

But I don’t have to go in till around 10 today, so I have a few extra minutes in the morning and that has made all the difference.

19 days till the election. Early and Often people. Early and Often.

happy happy day!

One thought on “The Second Coming

  1. I have no doubt that those perms were fantastic. My hair is stick straight. Every eight years or so I would let my mom talk me into a perm. They were never professional; mom always did them. I always had one section of hair that would not curl and the rest would fry. I don’t let her talk me into them any more.


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