Cha Cha Cha Changes….

gotta big snow storm coming tomorrow. 1=3 inches starting tomorrow ending saturday morning. the worst of it will be in the panhandle. Gak! I hope it won’t keep people away from the show. We got a semi crap review in the Gazette…but a good one at so that is nice. whatever. I’d just like people to come see the thing.
we have a pickup rehearsal tonight at 6:30, full dress with archive photos but it’ll be good to get back into it. I have a fairly light day at this point, so I’ll use it to refresh the lines and memory and then get on with it.

Gert moved down south yesterday! I got a text last night, dinner was croutons, thin mints and diet coke while she watched the cable guy sweat it out on his first job installing her stuff! HA!!! She’s on her way. I could NOT be more proud.

Yesterday was a friends birthday. I flamingo’d his yard. I’d had this planned for months and months, and was more excited about it than apparently he was. Note to anyone out there who get’s something a little off the wall and wonky for your birthday from a friend….FUCKING SAY THANK YOU.

boys are stupid. excluding the three of you that regularly read here. you are not stupid. you are brilliant and delicious and I love you.

Guess who else I love? THAT’S RIGHT! THIS GUY!!!

I may have uttered some derogatory words about him on Monday night. It was a fit of hysteria. Everything I said I take back. Everything. He really is the only constant…Slurp.

3 thoughts on “Cha Cha Cha Changes….

  1. Not only would I say thank you about a yard full of flamingos, I would take photos and blog about it.He’s a jackyl.


  2. I would blog about it for approximately a year and the words “thank” and “you” would figure prominently in every post. I’m actually kind of bummed that I don’t have a yard to BE flamingoed. Well, screw whoever, I thank you for just putting that image in my head.


  3. What a fucktard. If you flamingoed my house not only would I take a picture of it and blog about it, but that picture would become my new header for the blog for at least a year.


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