Oh The Week…

I went off the radar a bit this week. Chrome, I first want to just tell you how proud I am of what’s going on with the biking. Bravo. I’ll email you later about donating and what not!

Gert came home for the weekend. I’m dogsitting Wylie Coyote. He’s such a good good dog. Stays in the spare room while I’m gone. Sniffs and lays around when I’m here. Goes pee and poop in the back yard and comes right back inside, no chasinga no screaming.

The cats however? They all three are sleeping on top of me, so curled up and away from the monster it’s not even funnny. They’ll get over it. It’s nicer here today, so they need some outside time anyway.

I’m going to church this morning, then hopefully meeting the gang for brunch and some quality facetime. After the week it’s been, for all of us, we need to re-fill on each other and get geared up for what’s ahead!

Thanks to all of you for the emails and the facebook’s. So much love and support from across the miles…it does not go unnoticed. MUAH!!! I love you!

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