Sunday Morning News


You guys…they tore the living shit out of my yard yesterday! Both dads, brother and sister got busy and tore the SHIT out of my yards. Front and back! I am going to take pictures, and hopefully buy a little thingy to upload onto the computer today or tomorrow. I have a wall of bundled branch and tree firch out in my front yard. Tomorrow is Big Trash Day and I have an uneasy feeling about them taking all of it. I have two huge piles of branches from my big sycamore in the front that isn’t bundled. I’m just going to see what goes with the trash, then find someone to pay to haul the rest of it off. My neighborhood will ticket me for having it out there so it’s all hinging on the big trash guys. I plan to listen for them and go outside and plead. braless. eh…cant hurt. they aren’t that bad yet.

Wonderboy and BabyFatHead are delicious. I can’t wait for summer vacation. We are going to swim and go to the Omniplex and do all kinds of fun fun stuff…and hopefully it will quit raining here so that I can put my yards back together and make it pretty again!

I am filming that short movie this afternoon. My client/friend is directing. I say “no” about three times and a “see ya tomorrow” then I’m done. I’m excited…and kind of wishing I had not signed up for it because of the work to be done here. However…it’s so wet and muddy that I really need to leave it all alone and tackle it tomorrow.

how has your weekend been?

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