Clean Sweep!

The big trash guys TOOK EVERYTHING!!!! EVERY LAST TINY BRANCH! I am amazed and full of joy! Now…NOW it’s not so overwhelming. The sun is shining today so I can get out there and do some work. Stack the firewood…maybe plant a few things. Put the gazebo back together…make it shiny shiny again! Oh joy joy joy!!!

How’s your Monday treating you? I’ve been over on the Facebook and Dionysas has loaded a bunch of pictures from the Michigan tour. My very very very favorite is this one:

Kizz, Dionysas and I were freezing, huddled outside on the porch drinking beer and Jason was taking the picture. it’s possibly my favorite one ever taken.

2 thoughts on “Clean Sweep!

  1. It is certainly my favorite one taken from that year. I wish they would invent a free ticket with 3 destinations and a free week off where we could spend a few days in NYC, OKC and FL.


  2. Your house looks amazing. We went by on our way out of town. It rained all the way to BV. The rain sure didn’t stop your crazy family….wish we had a week to come help plant and etc…by the way, you look great…still losing!!! I’m also losing but ever so slowly…Wonderbaby is my exercise and believe me I had my head under the buffet retrieving plastic balls this morning…what a position…well, love you, don;t work too hard. By the way how was the filming???? Thought about you…Love you much, Mamo


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