Ten Things Tuesday…

It’s been an age since I’ve participated in Ten Things Tuesday…but I’m a gonna today! Lists help me. I like lists. I think most of us reading, or living in the blogosphere feel the same way. My head is a little jumbled with things to do…so voila!

Ten Things I Need To Do This Month

1.) make a place in the yard to put my firewood. move firewood to said place.
2.) weed killer. buy it and use it on the lawn.
3.) remove old twinkle lights from gazebo and replace with new ones.
4.) do something with the flowerbeds and rose bushes that have become unruly.
5.) check propane tank on grill and refill for summer parties
6.) get more fluid for tiki torches
7.) set a date for The Vegan/AbbyNormal party that will kick off the season
8.) get an oil change in my car
9.) finish organizing the office
10.) call plumber about the washing machine backing up.

All of these things aren’t too terribly bad, some of them cost money. Mostly it’s just some elbow grease. I need some warm dry weather for a few days…There is so much mud I can’t really do anything till it drys. SO I get a pass on that this week.
However there are more lists in my head. Here’s another for you

Things I Need To Do For MySelf

1.) deposit tips daily/weekly
2.) call the frickin YMCA and figure out if that’s something I can afford or do.
3.) begin working on the one woman show that’s tumbling around in my head.
4.) remember who loves me.
5.) forget who doen’t.
6.) spend more time happy.
7.) ween myself from so much computer time.
8.) sign up for Elephantsoap’s yoga class. and GO TO IT.
9.) start saving for a summer trip to Chicago to see Dionysas.
10.)get the eating under control.

Yesterday was spent pretty much in this chair. Not all of the day. I did laundry. I went through some old clothes and sorted thigns out to take to Goodwill. I picked up the backyard a little before it started raining. I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen all but the muddy floors. I started watching season one of Dexter. Everyone in my life is humming about this show. I like it. I love the actor…always always have. But it’s a little scary for me to watch by myself. I’m a ninny about stuff like that. Yesterday I had to switch over to eps of Gilmore Girls in between to kind of calm myself down. Whatever works for ya, right? yup.

It’s Cinco De Mayo! Have a Tecate or a margarita and some chips and salsa! Enjoy your day! I’m banging hair, then I have a committee meeting at the theatre then possibly some cinco fun. Guess what I’m doing tonight?

TAKING OUT THE DANG TRASH FOR PICKUP TOMORROW!!!!! I will remember. I will remember I will remember.

3 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday…

  1. Holy Crap! It is Cinco De Mayo! There was something else I was going to say, but I totally forgot what it was. I was distracted by the Cinco. Doesn’t matter. Have a totally faboo day!


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