Funky Humpday

I was in a funk yesterday. Ass deep in the muck and the mire and the bleargh. Hopefully that’s all passed and I can get on with it today. Whew. Ever just get stuck in it for a day? and no matter what you cannot crawl out? I do. and when I do, it’s serious. bleargh.

Last night I watched the last five or 6 eps of the seasons How I Met Your Mother and cried and laughed and felt a little better. Release. I went to bed fairly early and slept in this morning. Strong pot of coffee and voila! Good as new.

“Don’t even get me started on girls whose names should end in ‘ly’ but instead end in ‘i, those girls are like roller coasters. You’ve got to wait in a long line, but once you get up there, you just hold on for dear life and hope you don’t drop your keys.”–Barney

Abbylicious arrives in The Plains today. The Vegan has been here since Saturday but haven’t heard from him. Busy. I feel like I’m kind of on the outskirts of the funny boys these days…and all things considered I guess that’s fine. I didn’t go to comedy Monday night. Just too tired from the weekend and wanted to work in my yard. Anyways, looking forward to some facetime with the girl this week!

I’ve been ridiculous about walking off and leaving my phone. If I’m outside, it’s inside. If I’m inside, it’s in my car. Clearly, I’m not thinking well this week. Wha??? Sorry if I’ve missed your calls. Not ignoring…just out of it.

ok. more coffee. more piddling. Gotta decent book today at work and want some Subway before I go in so must get going. MUAH!!!

3 thoughts on “Funky Humpday

  1. You know, it’s OK to step back from things and devote some time for yourself. It’s easier said then done, but not something you should feel guilty about.


  2. This is why we work well together. I need to stop stepping back so much and get out in the world and you need to be reminded to step back a little. This is why they should move Brooklyn and OKC next to each other. I’m going to start a petition.Also, I [big, puffy paint] HEART Barney.


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