Laugh Out Loud

So the funny boys got a great write up in our weekly artsy fartsy paper…check them out! I’m so proud of the work they are all doing here, trying to build and expand the community for comedy and performing. Halakaleem to 796Entertainment! In that spirit I watched this last night. Interesting. Kind of self indulgent on Jamie Kennedy’s part but I empathized and was really into the whole thing…right up until the last scene. oy.

Another beautiful morning…yesterday was good. Planned a float trip, alas found out the group plans to CAMP. Uhhhhh…no. No way No How. But Zelda, you say. You grew up camping. You can cook on a fire better than anyone. Pitch a tent, hang a hammock? Why the downface?

Because kids. After 12 or more hours on the water, IN AUGUST, drinking beer, being fried, I will require, nay, demand two things. A mattress on which to sleep and AIR CONDITIONING!!! So. I’ll just motor on into town and have myself a room at the Motel 6, and all will be fine.

Gotta get my butt in gear today. Going to have facetime with Abbylicious tonight. Super excited about that. We’ve only been face to face for a few hours, but have become quite the duo via the interwebs these last few months. Good times await.

Shower and one last gulp of coffee for me kids. Happy Thursday and I love George Clooney.

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