I’m OK!!!!

HA! After a call from Mom, and an email from BonusMom, I guess I need to get back on here. I’ve just been super busy since Thursday last, being social, staying out. Being sleepy. Working and saving. Working more. Praying for clients and tips and all of that. Just been busy.

I’ve been spending time outside in my yard when I get home. Did that last night. Came home from work, figured out some sort of pasta slurry from my freezer and pantry and whirrled that into dinner, sat outside and read till dark, then inside to the bed. Bed early lately.

So I haven’t been doing much online. That’s where I’ve been. Last week I did comedy shows both Friday and Saturday, then skipped the Monday show and got a call from the guys asking where was I. HOME! not showering for the whole day, is where I am! ha!

I am reading like a crazy person. Just finished the fourth Big Stone Gap book. Delish. I have Lucia, Lucia by the same author to start today. I read two by Ann Patchett last week. Also started a memoir that I randomly picked up months ago called I’m Not Myself…or something like that. It’s good. Reminds me of Dry.

I am thinking about finding a second job. Nights. Cleaning offices or somethign like that. I’m just thinking about it…but if anyone hears of anything part time, that I could do with my schedule…drop it on me.

In that vein, I’m cancelling my cable today. Most of it. Keeping the piddly basic stuff. Yep. This means, no True Blood this summer. No Anthony Bourdain. But whatever. It has to happen. over forty bucks I can save…fucking adulthood.

Chrome isn’t feeling very shiney this week. Head over and give her a chin up boobs out…I feel ya sister. It sucks…no words can describe. bleargh.

What else??? How are you? got plans for the summer? Are you traveling? Mom, do you have my birth certificate??? I need it. Still going to get my passport even though I cant go anywhere. I have dreams. Big Eye-Tallian dreams.

6 thoughts on “I’m OK!!!!

  1. I've been trying to make it a rule that once I turn off my laptop at the end of the work day, that's it. She doesn't get turned back on. Sort of my no internet evenings. Good to take a break.


  2. I guess I've been subconciously trying to do that too. Staying offline during the evenings…just doing other things around my house and being calm and unplugged. so far, so good! Lord knows, I'm gettin a lot of reading and sleeping done!


  3. You've got dreams, big dreams, and right here is where you start paying…IN CABLE!Which Patchetts did you read? Love her. Love you.


  4. Run, and Patron Saint of Liars. I KNOW I own Bel Canto, but methinks the cats have hidden it somewhere in here. She's really good. love you too!


  5. Well you can come down South for the weekend and catch up when you need too. I get Anthony on Demand and will record all the True Bloods. And I envy that you have found yourself in a reading frenzy! I miss those so much. I can't get my mind quiet enough to do that when I am not studying. I love you Chick. Love you.


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