Freud, Party of One…

Sippin my coffee this morning, doing my daily routine, reflecting on my routine I wonder if there is room for anyone else here. I snooze a few times, I get up and throw on whatever piece of clothing is by my bed and stumble into the office to open back door, call for cats and revive the computer. Head to the kitchen. Feed cats their moist, turn on faucet for their drinking ability. Make coffee. Turn on tv to Today show, channel four. Turn off faucet, pour coffee, come back to office and write awhile.

huh. while I was doing my moring reflection I rememberd a dream I had last night. Someone gave me two little girls.

yeah. I know.


Maybe because I was watching the behind the scenes of the White House special last night. Maybe because one of my managers is fostering two little girls and their time is almost up to go back. I have no idea the origin of the dream, cant remember. All I remember–oh. the book I was reading last night dealt with a birth as well. anyways, all I remember is calling my moms and yelling…HELP!!!! I have kids!!! and wondering where the hell I was gonna put them. On the fouton with all the books? In the spare room with all the laundry? In my room? where would I put my shoes? It was pretty ridiculous that I own a three bedroom home and in my dream there was no room for anyone else.

is this Freudian, do you think? Am I subconciously closed off to anything that doesn’t have four legs and eat oceanwhitefish blended foods? Wow. the more I think about it the more I wonder…maybe. Maybe I am.

Well. That didn’t happen in a day, so it probably won’t disappear with a dream either. You know what DID happen in a day? THIS THING CALLED MY ASS!!! HOLY SHIT folks. I don’t know what the hell happened. I really don’t. I know I went eating crazed during rehearsals and the show and those crazy crazy hours I was keeping but sweet baby moses, I am all of a sudden sitting awkwardly and walking with another shadow!

woof. to that. I say.

I need more coffee. and some inspiration for my 11 hour day. Hows about a bit of this?

4 thoughts on “Freud, Party of One…

  1. I'm inspired!I also don't think the dream is about not having room. In the dream there's room but the room isn't ready, you know? So, get the room ready.


  2. I agree with Kizz, but also consider that you already have a room that you keep open to guest with a bed and everything. I don't know how many times I've heard you offer your home to people to stay. When ever and for what ever. You have a very open heart.


  3. Lots a kids need good homes! We'll adopt if we have too. Its all stirring inside you… you need the next big thing. And I've no doubt its coming or you will figure out whats next. Use this time… without white noise to prepare yourself and enjoy the sounds of silence.


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