I discovered something pretty cool tonight with my On Demand service. I watched a movie that is IN THEATRES RIGHT NOW.

The Answer Man. With the fabulous Jeff Daniels and the lovely Lauren Graham. It was 6.99, as opposed to the usual 4 our 5 bucks per movie rental. There were a slew of titles to choose, but this was the only one I recognized, having just read about it in last weeks Time magazine.

Right there in my living room, on my couch, with Sammy curled up with me.

Technology is really interesting. There are a lot of free things on the On Demand that I found tonight as well. Do you have it? Have you looked through all the Free Stuff??? WHO KNEW???

I walked for 50 minutes today. I felt especially good about that. So good that I somehow managed to eat half a dozen Fiber One Blueberry muffins that I made for the week’s snacking/breakfasting.

I auditioned and THINK I got into the cast of a new sketch comedy show being produced by one of my comic BFF’s. I did NOT, however, stay for the comedy show tonight. I go up this time next week and have made a vow to be home, resting, or writing every night in preparation.

In fact, that will work out like this. Get up tomorrow, walk, be at work at 8:30 for bookclup, work till 6, go to educaiton at the school till whenever. 7:30 I think. Wed get up and walk and prep the house for Dad’s arrival. Work till 8. Dad comes and we putz around and do dinner. Thursday work 9-7. come home collapse. Friday night, I have dinner/drinks with the Purple Pool Gal Pals. This will be a quick and low key night of talking then home to bed. Saturday night possibly a movie or a play then home. Sunday is our company pool party which I will go to for thirty minutes then skedaddle. Monday is comedy.


however, Bubba told me that if I aim for 5 minutes. . . if that’s all I do…all I attempt…I’ve only got 300 seconds to fill.

300 seconds.

I can do that.

Gotta go to bed. My allergies are crazy. My eyes have watered for hours now. Happy Week, ya’ll. the countdown is on. Oh! Go check out your On Demand service…there’s treasures in there!

5 thoughts on “Demanding

  1. Bubba, my Bubba? Funny. Kudos on the walking! Get out there…. stretch the sexy long legs! On Demand… yes! Verizon is great down here. I have so many little special gifts and I love it. I watch all kinds of stuff free forty free. Demand more. love.


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