Love Thursday!

Tried to do a little post yesterday but it wouldn’t let me. Must be funky airwaves or some such this week. We’ve been pelted with the rain, every single day, which is good for the most part. This is the first day I haven’t walked in the mornings. Too rainy for it. But I was three for three! so that’s better. I’ll try to get some activity in on the weekend.

Dad is here, going to work on my house today. Get up in the attic, peruse the situation up there insulation wise, also installin a ceiling fan in my bedroom which should help matters. Trying to conserve the electricity/a-c bill. Gotta pay that 200 dollar one soon…gag. Hopefully today and tomorrow, the last two days on this pay period will help me get a good paycheck.

Don’t have a whole lot to report…other than we’re looking for a new title for our work bookclub. Trying to get something current, something INTERESTING that isn’t too Self Help. (gag) but motivating and creative…I’ve been looking at different titles onine but if any of you have ANY suggestions for something we can read as a group…PLEASE send me titles!!!

Closing in on the weekend and I just found out that Wonderboy is arriving. I hope to have him Sunday, which totally shoots my original plans out of the water, but whatever. When you’re the displaced relatives you take whatever time you can get, right? and who’s going to turn down facetime with the kid who only MISSED ONE OUT OF 130 on his achievement tests…scoring in the 99% of the NATION in smartness?!?!?!?!?!?

Thank GOD there will be someone who will take care of me when I’m old.

Hey ya’ll…have a Happy Love Thursday. I love you!

3 thoughts on “Love Thursday!

  1. I wanted to follow up on the rec for E-Myth Mastery. It's all about small business and how to customize the experience for the customer while making sure they have the same/same level of experience every time they come in, which breeds trust, which breeds repeat business etc. etc.Can your dad come and install a ceiling fan for me next, please?


  2. Oh Happy Love Thursday to you too! Maybe we can all go see Up on Sunday, that is Wonderboy would be into that. Make them read the War of Art.


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