Potluck Friday!

Just made the taco pizza for potluck today. Heather is leaving our salon and it’s her last day. As per the ususal, we celebreat/mourn with food. I have made my donation with mostly lowfat/nofat ingredients so it should be somewhat safe. Safer than a vat of velveeta, that’s fo sho!

Taco Pizza

reduced fat crescent rolls smushed together to form crust and baked accordingly.

ground turkey, browned and one packet taco seasoning

layer on crust

ff refried beans
taco meat
bell peppers
black olives

serve pizza style with salsa.


I make a little veggie one for the veggie in my life at the salon. and the big one I make half beans and half everything because another girl is allergic to the beans. we are a complicated lot, but worth every bit!

Several things happened yesterday that I want to report.

1. I am possibly going to make second commission if today pans out.
2. Numskullery, Elephantsoap and I got STAR WARS IN CONCERT tickets for Oct 21, which just so happens to be Carrie Fisher’s birthday. (ps. if you haven’t picked up her Wishful Drinking and gobbled it right up….you’re wasting your life.)
3. Dad installed my ceiling fan and it’s beautiful and it’s awesome.
5. He also fixed MGirls front porch chair so now she can come back over and have porch time without falling onto the ground!

Lot’s of good stuff going around. Wonderboy is mine for some of the weekend. We have a pool party on Sunday and hopefully the zoo or the science museum Monday morning.

Monday night is COMEDY. and this time it’s MY COMEDY holybatshitdangitrudy!!!

I tell you all of that to say this.

Thank you for your support. I’ll prolly not be online much posting this weekend. I will have pictures and the like to show you, possibly video of the comedy set. maybe. possibly. PseudoSis3 is giving me her closet to shop in, so I’ll be looking good in the neighborhood…whew.

Have a great weekend. Do a little dancing today, ok?

One thought on “Potluck Friday!

  1. Chris was so excited to find out that he was going to the Star Wars thing on Carrie Fisher's Birthday. Oh…that boy.Can't wait for Monday!


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