In the Simplest Terms, Most Convienent Definitions…

it was the most amazing of days…

the Little Ringo was surrounded. surrounded by 26 some odd family members and friends. It was crazy windy and the lake was white capping like the English Channel. These 8 year olds had to swim 50 yards, bike 2 miles then run 500 yards…or something like that. Gah.
whatever. I would have turned my bike to the nearest IHOP and said Eff This. with both hands.

she, however did not.

Her mom went over right before the race started (swimming part first) and she turned to her and said, “will you LEAVE ME ALONE? I’m about to DO THIS

Ringo had the goosebumps.
Hawk and I had the tears.

and it stayed that way throughout.

We ran to the transition stops. We screamed through each turn. We held signs and waved hands and wiped more tears.

and in the end…there were screams. and shouts. and high fives. and amazement…

and I was witness to a moment that was not mine to witness…yet there I was. Right smack in the middle…trying to ignore the fact I was there…
but after it was done. after there were hugs and pictures and rejoycing from all sides of this crazy mixed up fractured and put back together again familial group…there was Ringo. Holding onto Hawk with all his might. Uttering the words…

I Love You.

and I thought to myself…

now THATS a family.

in the simplest of terms, the most convenient definitions…


4 thoughts on “In the Simplest Terms, Most Convienent Definitions…

  1. Oh…I wish we had gone. I thought about her all morning and wondering how the race was going. Her story just impressed me. I don't know her, but I wanted to be there to cheer her on and say YOU ARE AWESOME!. 'Cause she is. Totally Awesome.


  2. They are the superest of superest couples ever! I got a little teary reading! Thanks for sharing the story! I miss them so much. Love.


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