I Got No Place Else To Go!!!!!

Bootcamp started last night. It was very much like this:
I got sucked into going to Batshitcrazytown by PseudoSis3 for an hour of intense forms of cruel and unusual punishment. PseudoSis2 was right there with me…sprints. lunges. squats. running…and we were lucky because it was stormy so there was wind and just a titch of humidity. Not the 100 degrees that the car said on the drive out there. Yeah, it’s outside. After it was over, I felt good. as with all forms of physical exercise…but damn gina. I thought I was gonna vomit a few times during…

It’s two days a week but because PS2 and I work late on Wednesdays we can only go once for now. Five weeks. We’ll see how we do! I went and bought scales last night. The bitchy brand. everything they tell me is hateful. But whatever. I’ve got them right in front of the fridge.

I was going for my walk around the lake this morning, got up extra early to add the 15 minutes, so that we walk an hour each morn…KaBam! Thunder. Lightening. Rain. flop. So here I sit, periodically stretching out the sore from last night, with one kitty asleep in the hall, on kitty asleep on my bed under the fan, and one kitty here on my lap drooling. This is burning calories, right?

I did about two hours of yard work yesterday too. My backyard was out of control, so it took some effort to mow. Got out the weed eater and used all the string in it so went to pulling stuff out by hand. Chopped down a rose bush that was RIGHT BY my a/c unit. chopped an out of control bush back a bit. From the looks of it you’d never know what I do for a living…oy. It looks good out there though. Feels good to have it done.

Ok well…I feel like I have more to say, other than I’m sore, and Sammy’s drooling on my lap…apparently I don’t. I’m going to go make my lunch and get ready for the working. Must be there early today. It’s the last book club meeting. Can I get an AMEN from the congregation?

Happy Tuesday ya’ll! Huzzuah and Halakaleem and I love George Clooney! (this is the face I made throughout most of the book club (upon rereading I meant to say bootcamp but actually i make this face during book club too). he sympathizes with me….bless his heart!)

4 thoughts on “I Got No Place Else To Go!!!!!

  1. I am so proud! Don't feel guilty for missing the morning walk. After all the work you did yesterday, you deserve a little rest. The body needs it. Keep it up. You are awesome!


  2. Since you've elevated the activity from walking to having your ass ground into the dirt…I think you are officially relieved of guilt. Way to go Paula! Boot Camp is in the Bat Shit Crazy Town…. who's running that?


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