Oy. and by Oy I Mean: HOLY SHIT I’M SORE!!!

sitting to pee was allllllmost impossible. I actually considered hovering and just aiming for the best but…well it felt good to sit once I finally got down there.

fraggle rock I’m sore.

I did go walk tonight. 30 minutes on the trail at the lake, then did about 20 minutes of abs/plank/some other shit for the abs. It kind of felt good do stretch it out. Went and bought a medicine ball, probably too heavy but 6lbs was the smallest they had and it was in my head that I was getting one tonight and getting one THERE. so I did. whatevs.

I came home and grilled some talapia and some portobella mushrooms. Thanks to Elephantsoap I know what to soak them in and holycrappiedoodle thems was goooooood groceries! I felt healthy. Had some cold cantelopue and some steamed broccoli. This will be a good night to be single. . . on account of:

sooooo…what else? I’m sore. But treating myself to a glass of wine to relax. Getting up and walking at the crack of ass, aka 6:30 tomorrow morning. But Zelda, you ask, Isn’t tomorrow your late day?

Yes gentle readers. Yes it is. But we have the lead colorist from Sassoon’s in LA here teaching this week and just found out that we stylists are allowed to attend lecture. FREE. SO I’m in. Our company has spent 30 thousand dollars to bring this education to our teachers at the school. Who will then trickle it down to us. It’s a great opportunity for some free education. and seeing’s how my prices go up in another month, I’m all about finding reasons to justify it. SO. Up and at’em early bird style.

it better not gosh danged rain.

2 thoughts on “Oy. and by Oy I Mean: HOLY SHIT I’M SORE!!!

  1. The more you move, the less soar you'll be. Walking is good.And I think A1 steak sauce is my new favorite condiment. Enjoy.


  2. well I was out of A1, so I did soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a titch of tobasco. slurry. that's the way I cook. slurry in a ziploc. and i'm less sore today…i think the walking helped.


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