We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog…

My computer got sick several days ago. I got a virus. Some stinky bad nasty adware. It took the minds the likes of the G8 Summit from here to Taiwan to clean it up. So far…so good. I still can’t do any online banking on it…and that’s freaking me out. I’m so used to online banking…fraggle rock.

anyways, Joe and DouginTawiwan both worked themselves into the night last night to clean it up. I was on the phone with the future for about an hour working on stuff, then instant messaging with him, then Joe got here and instant messaged back and forth. I made dinner to pay for his time.

It was nice to have some time with him, with Joe. He’s been super busy this summer so actual calm, facetime has been rare. He’s headed to Tulsa this week to work on the new installment of Biggest Loser, production stuff. Paying production stuff. Atta Boy for him.

I have been a slug and a half. NO walking at all for me this week. Sunday was spent filming the tv pilot. 7-8 hours of filming. exhausted. so Monday, I slept in, and then decided to forgo bootcamp in lieu of laundry, and mowing and errands and grocery and all of that, which I did until the dark of night. Just had to get stuff done before the week. It rained yesterday morning. I set my alarm for pm instead of am this morning.
GROSS!!!!! I’ve gotta get back. Tonight is bootcamp. I’ve blocked out. I can think of a gillion things I wanna do instead of drive to Batshitcrazytown and do that but I need to…I will. Then will come home and watch some more of Season Three DEXTER!!!!!

I was methodical with my Netflix in order to get it on the day it came out on dvd…and it worked! watched the first ep last night!

I have another wedding to bartend friday night, I’m excited about that. Last weekend, it was a dud bar wedding. I made 15.15 in tips~ heh heh heh. still. still made my bartending fee and that was more than I had when I walked in. so a successful night indeed.

ok. more coffee. getting ready for the working. i’ll be back barring any unforseen nasty with the machine!

6 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog…

  1. I think my friend Robin just had to deal with that on her computer. She got it back to normal, but it wasn't pretty while it was down. Ingrid Michaelson's song "Keep Breathing" just came on while I was reading your post."All we can do is keep breathing."Appropriate.


  2. Good to see you. Missed your voice. Agh! Computer! My shiny shiny laptop is $29.00 a month. You made half that payment last Friday! iloveyou.


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