This is my first attempt at a FFF. Kizz has been doing it for sometime…I’d just never had anything to post.

I do now! Things are blooming. I worked in my yard last Monday and made things pretty. This is where I gather with my friends. If you haven’t been here…you should. If you live elsewhere…we’ve gathered with you in mind. It’s magical.

So there’s that.

I have not walked the last two mornings. Just taking a wee break. I went to the theatre last night. local group doing Glengarry Glen Ross. It was really good! and FAST! I was outta there by 9:30! Gotta love that on a school night! I’ll get some activity in this weekend…working tomorrow then bartending an event. BY MYSELF! Woo Hoo! Sunday we start shooting the sketch comedy gig. I’ve been calling it The Sketch? no. that’s not the name. I’m a donkey. it’s called The Scene. close enough, eh? I’ve never filmed anything before so this will either be one of the funnest days of ever, as I’ll be with a group of fantastically creative people, most of whom I adore…or I’ll want to eat my toenails. Either way? good stories to come!

Have you seen any of the meteor shower that’s been happening this week? I haven’t been up late enough to catch any…maybe I will see some after the event tomorrow night. It just sounds spectacular…

That’s about it for me. My sore is going away…just in time for Monday night again. I fear this bootcamp. But this week? I’m doing what I can do. No more pushing to the extreme like last time. That was just my stupid exploding all over the place.

Here’s to Friday for you Normals! Enjoy this day! Dance a little this weekend! Gaze at some star showers! Never forget I love George Clooney!

One thought on “FFF*

  1. Wow! the yard looks fabulous!!! You have yourPaPa's green thumb. Enjoyed hearing your voice this morning will put your classmate on our prayer list.. Have a great Friday…sounds like your weekend is full..talk later, Much LOVE, Mamo


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