Love Thursday!

I love early morning texts that say LETS SLEEP!

Fell asleep on the couch watching tv last night…so went on to the bed around 9:45in order to arise for the early morning walking. The alarm went off and I said, NO GANKS! Sent a quick text to Rach who immediatly concurred that we should sleep and man oh man it felt good! I just wish I could have the morning to snuggle with the cats and guzzle coffee and putz. I’m needing some putzing time…

Last night was my last free night…going to the theatre to see some of my friends in Glengarry Glen Ross tonight. Tomorrow is GIG (girls in the gazebo) Saturday I bartend, Sunday morning I start shooting the sketch comedy pilot at 10am. Hopefully that won’t take all dang day and I can come home and putz and futz that afternoon and evening…I’d like some pool time this weekend to just chill. Maybe that will happen. Maybe.

I’ve gulped the last of the coffee and dont have time to make more. That’s as good a motivater as any to get ready and go to work.

we have coffee there!

Happy Thursday yall!!!

One thought on “Love Thursday!

  1. I love that you now have a Love Thursday! Sleep is good. I skipped my usual 5 AM meditation practice yesterday in order to sleep in. I made it up by doing the meditation before teaching one of my classes. Still, managed to nod off once during my practice. If you sleep in meditation or final relaxation, most likely you need the rest. No guilt!Have a wonderful day and weekend.


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