Friday, Oh Friday

I woke up several times trying to remember this dream I was in…George was there. George from the Nespresso commercial, and then George from the new Goat Movie. I was alternating between being myself and Julia Roberts. We were on a plane and in a house then on a plane…I believe there was nookie involved. Plane nookie. At this point I was watching it like a movie, and whoever was directing? great shots. lots of hands gripping pillows…however after it was over Julia/Me that was floating and watching settled back in to the first person point of view and apparently that little giggle made some of George’s….little George’s, stay inside…

Uh Oh. and fade to next scene

I think I’m pregnant, George is looking at Young Sally in some Nespresso coffee house and My, MY not Julia’s, but MY teeth are falling out like stardust in every room of the house.

so there’s that.


a real Friday. We’re closed tomorrow, so I’m thankful for that. I’m going to get some walking time in, hit the farmer’s market, Bonusmom is selling her goods at the Bethany market tomorrow for the last time, and I plan on going! Anyone wanna go with? come on!

What are your plans for the long weekend? I hope you get to relax, I hope you get to soak up some good. I sure as hell hope you aren’t shuffling around toothless and knocked up while your true love is sippin fancy coffee with witches. . .

I’m grabbing some more coffee and getting ready for the day!

I love you! I love Friday! and despite last night’s dream…I love George Clooney.

4 thoughts on “Friday, Oh Friday

  1. According to a google search, dreaming of your teeth falling out is common. That, however, does not minimize its creepiness factor.


  2. Isn't there some kind of folksy meaning to the teeth falling out thing? Like some one's coming to see you or something weird like that.Yay for Friday!


  3. i have the teeth falling out dream all the time. it's stress. it's never been in conjunction with my boyfriend george clooney though.


  4. I thought the falling teeth thing was more specific like about money or something but I can't remember. Must feel awful even in a dream.I'm doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend if it all works out as planned. Today (since my weekend started today, don't hate me) I went to class, bought some groceries and spent a chunk of time in the hospital hanging out with my friend. Then I got home and didn't have to go to the Post Office (hurrah!) and blew off pet food shopping for a nap. I've got to make my house livable again but I've got three days to do it. Going to go walk the dog now. Best to start slow.


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