Cajones. Big Ones! and 09/09/09

This is exactly the kind of grabbing life by the balls and taking chances that we ALL should be doing!!!

so, yeah. it didn’t quite work out for him the way he’d planned, but on the other hand, he’s making the rounds upon the interwebs, or on the line as the purple pool gals call it, and who knows what will happen since he set this into motion!

and I mean, look at that man. My man. Who wouldn’t leap and hope for the best?

Here’s to leaping today. It’s 09/09/09. kind of a cool thing..

“Numerologists see the number 9 as the number of life. It can be seen as both a signifier of endings and beginnings. But more important, it’s the number of humanity, of coming together and helping ones fellow man.”

A number of life.
Coming together and helping ones fellow man.

leap, and the net will appear* and if it means stripping naked in a press conference in front of George Clooney and professing your love in front of tons of cameras?

I say go for it!

*Julia Cameron said it first

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