What Color Is Your Funk?

mine is green. and brown.

I have a funk about me, and am steadily fighting it off.

Several components to said funk.

Work…yesterday I had three clients. one no showed, and another was a donation, which was 80 bucks out of my check. so I lost money.

today I had an eyebrow wax at ten am and a haircut at 4:45.

I took off to get stuff done, namely my house cleaned before the reunion meeting on Sunday.

I just kicked the bathroom’s ass. So that feels better. It’s also the smallest room in the house.

I stopped at Target to get a white button down shirt to bartend in on Saturday. and the XL was too tight. Even though I’m walking, and moving and putting much better foods into my mouth…I see no results. Oh wait. I do see results. I’m just getting fatter. and I don’t know why. it’s gross.

So I have to take the white shirts back and exchange for XXL. fuck that shit.

what else? The reunion.
people have not paid. People who I KNOW are coming have not paid. If you are reading this, and you are coming, and you have not paid….PAY. NO excused. No meh meh meh, bla bla bla. This is me telling you to pay! Sunday we pow wow and see what we get to do. I have to send our numbers to the caterer and must have the money to pay them. it’s stressful

but…this time next week, we’ll be on the verge of a kickass party!!!

I think I will hit the kitchen next. then dyson the carpets and dust and pick up papers. I can work the bedrooms and the office tonight, if I don’t get to them.

SO…I’m working through the funk. I’m looking for the purple.

ahhhhhh sweet purple.

PS. Elephantsoap, Numskullery and I are planning a really fun fun fun event. Stay tuned for deets on that!

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