Rainy Game Day

It’s raining here again…Both state schools have home games which is surely a bitch for the tailgaiters…once again I don’t get to watch as I’m bartending a wedding. This one is for the catering company that my high school friend works for. I’m super excited to see the venue and all of the glitz and glam. I’m only serving, beer, wine and two flavors of ‘ritas out of the machine. I know nothing else about any of it. New adventures.

Speaking of adventures…last night I found out that our reunion venue is 250.00 MORE than originally budgeted. Just an oversight by one of our people. GAH. So I dreamed about the reunion all night long. Are you guys as sick of reading about my reunion stress as I am about telling you about it? HA. this time next week though…lots of fun stories! Tomorrow is the final planning meeting at my house. I have some laundry to fold and put up and the back office to organize and we’re ready. I’ll do that in the morning. The meeting isn’t until four, so I’ve got pleanty of time.

Saw an amazing play last night. Compleat Female Stage Beauty, at Carpenter Square. It’s amazing. Have any of you seen it? Read it? It’s just sooo sooo good. One of my good friends has the lead, and I have about four other friends in various roles. Chrome, your Reduxion boy has a good part in it, he’s good. Tyler. yes. Tyler. Anyhoo…Local people go see it! You won’t be sad!

I have to go get my back pants and white shirt pressed neatly. I’ve also got a wet cat in my CLEAN laundry basket. gah.

Oh here’s something I’d like you to chime in on. I have a facebook friend needing to give away his young golden retriever. already “tutored” and up to date on his shots. a boy. I think I want him…thoughts on the breed??? we think I can hack it?

toodles for now. happy saturday!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Game Day

  1. That breed is wonderful, playful, good with kids and very devoted but think….Dogs thrive on attention, are you home enough for long enough to give enough attention..you go out and socalize and that is good but Do you want to be tied down come vacation time to Wisconsin, NYC, etc. or when you have a part in the play and are gone a lot. Think about it, they aren't as independent as cats, you just can't leave them. Believe me we have spend bundles boarding Millie, even tho people say bring the dog, she interupts their routines and will certainly pee in the floor. It costs more for a larger dog to board. The flea meds and heart worm pills for just an 8 pounder cost $100 every three months, I know sis's dog cost more since she is around a 100 lbs. My new carpet smells like pee, I know she can't hold it forever and when I babysit away from home for over 6 hours, well she has to go. BUT there is nothing like that unconditional love a dog gives..I just spray more odoban on the carpets and will know that accidents happen. She is so happy to see us and sleeps with us, yes can you imagine bonus dad sleeping with her, he loves her to death…so do I, it breaks my heart to have to board her.Just know what you are getting into and make sure you have all the bases covered as to who would keep him during your absences…he will love and protect you with his life and they are the most beautiful dogs…You would love him just make sure you are ready. I remember Shelby pining for you when you left her with us…I don't mean to sound so negative. Love you,MamoHe would always be welcome at Mamaw's.


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