Catering is Hard.

Ok so me with this whole two jobs thing? Nah. I’ve had it really easy up until now. The Festivites bartending gig has been what I’ve done, last night I worked for a catering company that my high school friend runs…

ok. damn. first off I wore the wrong damned shoes. Wedges. That was a mistake. I had no idea the amount of walking and standing I would do from five until midnight. so that sucked.

second off, when I bought my uniform this week, black pants white shirt, I was bloated so big one might have thought me middle name was Goodyear. Apparently I’ve peed. My pants were way too big falling off and the shirt was just stupid.

third off, it was raining. and so freakin humid inside the venue I was sweating balls ten minutes into set up.

I was working with another girl, who’d never done this before either. We’re both long time friends of the coordinater so that was the thing we had in common. This girl was fine, and I think with this event under our belt, when we work together again, we’ll be mroe in sync. Last night was rough though. Our personalities were oil and water. She didn’t smile. She was just very much a “servant” while I was very much a “participant” in the reception…make sense? But as we were finishing up the night she loosened up and I think it was just insecurities and stress…ugh. smile damnit, to our guests. remember what they are drinking. make some small talk about the shoes/earrings/lapel flowers. I just proceeded to do what I do and made some fun conversations. It was great fun, other than my feet/legs hurting so badly. (i know. i know. what was i thinking???)

there wasn’t a tip jar. my boss said, it just seems tacky for that to be there in the beginning…and yeah. I agree. this is a fancy pants reception with free wine beer and margaritas. it’s not a cash bar. but people were asking about it. finally they just started leaving money on the table and we just put it in a glass. now, I’m in this for the money. we know that. and at the other gig, it’s out there, the tip jars and whatnot. sometimes it rolls in and sometimes it’s 15.00 but I was annoyed last night because they obviously wanted to tip. and I just wonder, how much would we have made if one of us wasn’t in our bitter Mary Riley phase…oh and we split the tips between the 6 person team. we each got 20 bucks…but the groom tipped before the night was over so we all got another 40. at the end of the night 160.00 but damn it was a LOT of work. loading up. driving to the catering kitchen. unloading. cleaning and putting away… but by that time I had on flip flops and we had survived and we were laughing and drinking cold beer.

My boss and I wound up sitting in the catering kitchen talking, just the two of us until 3:15 in the morning. It was just good. I love reconnecting…and I must say it’s all because of the Facebook. It’s been kind to me.

My feet are worn out. but I finally slept, real sleep. I didn’t even muss the covers! I woke up with a cat or two and the rain outside. I’ve made coffee and opened the house. My plan is to get fully awake and to one last spic and span on the house before the final reunion planning meeting this afternoon at four…

Remind me…one of the things we talked about so much last night was the Sustainable Foods/Slow Foods movement that Gert’s been talking about, as has Chrome and Elephantsoap and Numskullery. I’m to tired to do it today…Happy Sunday, ya’ll.

grab another cuppa and relax a little.
OH and can I tell you how excited I am for NFL to start today?!?!


4 thoughts on “Catering is Hard.

  1. It is hard. Catering, bartending, waiting tables….hard.Especially in the wrong outfit.Nice money, though. (Go buy some sensible shoes!)


  2. I'm surprised that you had forgotten how hard and how much walking watressing was…(Brass Apple, etc.) The money was good but OH the legs and feet. I'm guessing the planning is at your house…I am so glad you are reconnecting and happy about it…My best friend in hs had a nervous breakdown and in somewhere in la la land..and I am so sorry I didn't reconnect earlier to her…I'm missing you lots…Bonus dad hurt his back, it went out while he was cutting his toenails, who would guess??? Anyway we didn't get an invite to A's 8th birthday and couldn't have gone anyway…Hope you have a grand reunion and tell all hello from me…I have good memories from your class…Love an d miss you,MOM


  3. It has rained here so much that I thought the "Smurfs"were moving in and I don't mean your friend. There were 6 inch red topped mushrooms and 3 inch purple topped mushrooms in our front yard. I was afraid Millie would eat them so I destroyed them but they were pretty. It is raining AGAIN today.How is the reunion coming? Call Me! Love you, Mamo


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