Amazing Grace

I’m glad that he’s no longer in pain, and suffering. I’m so glad that he gave us the work that he did, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, To Wong Foo, Outsiders…we aligned them with our own memories and they became part of our soundtracks…the theme’s to our proms.

Jennifer Grey said that he was a perfect mixture of “amazing grace and raw masculinity”
I wish I would have said that first. It’s perfect.

and when I think of his wife, high school girlfriend and with him to the end…breaks my heart. that’s some kind of love. . . some kind of wonderful.

Let me tell you, yesterday was a bit of my own personal amazing grace. My chores were done, enough so that I didn’t have any nagging voices in my head. I got up and went for a really good walk at the lake and hit the grocery. Came home and made a pot of soup and laid on the couch taking in eps of Mad Men, West Wing and reading some Outlander. I squeezed a nap in there too. I had the doors open and it was rainy and damp and cool outside…Sambo curled up on me and we didn’t much move all day long. Seriously. I couldn’t even get up to go to comedy last night!!!

I feel such relief for the reunion, that begins in T-minues 72 hours. Stress is a wonderful thing isn’t it? crazy. So things are good.

I want to have a great week at work. I do. Tomorrow morning I have class, which is hands on and will learn a new haircut. Tomorrow is also payday and the day my raise goes into effect. TODAY is the last day of the pay period and kids…I fear it to be dismal. It will pick up…it has to!

Happy Mon—wait. Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

ps…i’m not getting that golden retriever. I think it’s too big of a dog and I’m not ready yet. I’ll revisit this project in the spring. Thanks to all who chimed in! I am ready to be wrapped around a new schedule, and understand all the responsibility that goes along with it. I’d like to reinforce my yard a bit first and see how money is coming along thru the holidays before I invest, though!

3 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. "Nobody puts baby in the corner."I think you made a good decision about the dog. You need a smaller mutt. Though I will say, a golden would definitely keep you active. They like lots of walks and play. We will win the lottery this week!


  2. I am so sorry about Patrick S. I don't watch many movies but Dirty Dancing was one of my top favorites. He was so awesome!!! I've never seen a guy so agile and good looking at the same time. Ha Love you, Mamo


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