Love Thursday: Last Day! Good Books! Reunion!

I’ve been remiss at posting daily…you see, I’ve been sucked into the world of OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon.

yeah yeah yeah, everbody’s read them. I know I’m the last one on the bandwagon so this gushing will come as NO surprise to anyone but


I’m not even turning the tv on when I come home! I’ve got tons to watch…and need to clean out the dvr in anticipation of Premiere Week that starts Monday…but I just canna pry myself out of the book.

sigh. I’m glad it’s thick *dirty!* and I’m glad there are more in the series and I’m glad Trisha brought it into the salon for me after she finished it. glad glad glad.

What else?

well hells bells. Let’s just go thru my maintainence debacle of the week. All week I’ve planned on getting my hair done, feet done, massage and a spray tan in prep for the reunion. Hair, thanks to Mgirl, is FABULOUS! the feet, I was doing today. The spray tan, tonight after work. the massage tomorrow morning. (Elephantsoaps gal is running a VERY affordable special of 40 bucks for 90 minuets or I probably wouldn’t indulge myself)

OK. Brakes screeching sound goes here. for one, I cant have the massage after the spray tan. no oils. flop. moved that to monday. I’ll need it more then anyways. Today, I need the feet scraping, BUT I can’t have them use the oil and lotion before the spray tan. well crap. that’s the best part, the rubbing? oh well. As Truvy says, “it takes a lot of effort to look like this”

So…today is my last day of the work week. Payday yesterday was…dismal. Woof. Thankfuly I had tips saved to deposit. Gah. Freaking September. But on the upside, my raise went into effect yesterday, that was really nice. and i was busy, even nicer still! Tonight I get a spray tan, and yeah. NO OILS! NO LOTIONS! who knew??? gah.

in other more gross news, PseudoSis1 was away on a business trip to DC this week and her house got robbed. This sucks in epic porportions…but that’s not all. This is the SECOND robbery she’s had this summer. suck suck suck suck suck. My heart goes out to her. I want alarm systems…for both of us!

Did I tell you I learned to SKYPE? Anyone have a webcam out there? let me know and we can have video phone calls. FOR FREE!!!

ok kids. i need another cuppa, then I have to go exfoliate my body from head to toe. Have a great Thursday…I love you. And I love George Clooney.

4 thoughts on “Love Thursday: Last Day! Good Books! Reunion!

  1. Where do you find those pictures?!?OK…Outlander is good and they progressively get better and better. But I really think the best one so far is the second to the last. I say that it's second to last because she's coming out with another one this month. Enjoy!!!Happy Love Thursday.


  2. You're not the very last one. I haven't read yet. I looked in the library yesterday for Book 1 but no dice so I'll keep looking and maybe learn how to put a book on reserve.


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