Reunion Snack

Full meal photos to come this afternoon.

Darci and Zelda. Planning committe members.

Oh so mighty, oh so fine. That’s the class of 89!

Gert, Zelda and Misti C.
Night One after the football game at the Hook & Slice

5 thoughts on “Reunion Snack

  1. I can't wait, you looked beautiful. Can't wait to see close up pics of everyone…So glad you had a great time. Love you and miss you,Mamo


  2. I've been illicitly peeking at photos where you've been tagged or you've commented on Facebook. Even when it says my privacy rating has not been approved. You look great! I love your outfit for the evening shindig and your hot pink purse especially!


  3. our professional photographer took over 500 photos this weekend. it'll be 2-3 weeks before I get those but am absolutly dying to see them. at one point in the night saturday she came up to me and said, Zelda every single picture i take of you you're like this: me. eyes squenched shut. mouth wide open. head thrown back. cackling. i may never get over this weekend. it was soooooo good.! i'll post my pics today!


  4. I love that you and Gert both look like you just graduated HS last year. You still look so young and happy. I'm glad the reunion was fun and happy and laughy and good.


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