More Snacks

Tried to get my photos uploaded today…it’ll have to wait till wednesday. I’m stealing these from my friends facebook! here’s a few more. I wanted you to see the food that we did…WE DID THIS!!!

3 thoughts on “More Snacks

  1. Who is on your left with the dark hair…I know my eyes are bad but just can't recog. her…I am so glad you had a great time and am anxious to see more pics. Miss you so as I have been scrapbooking a lot of your pics in Hayden's 2002 album…. I'm a little behind…Holden learned to go down the stairs by himself tonight and got out of bath all by himself…growing so fast…he can really thro a fit also…comes by that naturally, with mine and dad's temper he doesn't stand a chance…I swear the smurfs are moving in, more purple mushrooms today and more rain…it is beautiful here tho…how are you keeping up with the grass there??? My front yard is knee deep but the rain has kept Bonus dad from mowing…his back is much better.Hope to see you this weekend even if it is for a few minutes…Bonus dad had already told M we would stay with him but I will call and see if we can at least meet for a while…I'm lonesome for my #1 daughter.Love and miss you,Mamo


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