So So So GOOD!

It was magical. The entire weekend. Everything fell into place, we had enough money and some left over to hire a cleanup crew. Everyone seemed to really really enjoy themselves. We did have a touch of out of control…one of our classmates got crowned Mr. Hot Mess ’89 when he showed up so drunk, and kept drinking, and used foul horrible language, and generally offended the entire class. But that was Friday night and well…we still had all day long on Saturday! We had a small misshap with the pavillion at the park that I rented…we got there and another reunion had spread out and took over. Misti Lynn and I had no fight in us that day, but we had classmates who by god did and we got our pavillion back! HA. things just kept working.

I am having post party letdown…our class…those friends…it’s been the center of our brains, The Committee, for a long long time and now we’re a bit bereft. We are going to continue gathering maybe once a month…or more, because it was just too good not to. And while we here at the Circus KNOW that I hate any form of goodbye…it’s not just me. The Facebook has exploded with albums full of pictures, with words of thanks and kindness, and with wanting more more more. we are all just a little more aware that time has flown by, that friends are rare treasures and that we all pretty much hit the jackpot with that. We are blessed. This class that made my mother seriously contemplate retirement when we hit the 9th grade, this class…we are just blessed.

My pictures will appear here tomorrow night. Dad is coming tonight to stay over, and bring me okra! yummmm!!! Back to the salon, back to the drawing board, back to it all. I have got to get my house back in order. the office is giving me hives again. clean clothes. piles of papers. I have to get bills paid…i’ve ignored everything this last week or two and it’s time to refocus.

I will tell you that I am extremely happy. I will tell you that it was perhaps the best weekend of my life. and I will tell you more about that later.

Halakaleem and I love George Clooney!

I’m so hopped up on the juice of the weekend, I forgot to tell you that I got summoned for jury duty yesterday.

4 thoughts on “So So So GOOD!

  1. I think it's wonderful that you have such great and happy memories from HS, that you can see these people with out cringing, that all of you had such a wonderful time together. I wish I had that. Instead I feel like hyperventilating when ever I run into those people.


  2. I'm so glad you had a great time. It looks (from the FB stalking I've been doing) like it was a glorious and marvelous time. Extra money for clean up crew? Magic!


  3. Made me laugh right out loud… your Mama, retirement. That was the best class ever. And I don't have better words…than yours about how May Be Amazing the whole weekend was. And you didn't share everything with the Circus Miss Thing. Too busy, mouth full of cookies no doubt. She has more details people… badger her until she vomits! Its good stuff.


  4. Hey Zelda…you could go into catering…the food looks great and some healthy too!!! You are surely the most multi-talented woman I know…Love you, MamoPS. I didn't see the last comment about your doing the food…until later.


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