Busy Bee

Saturday night: reunion committee reunion. Fabulous time!

Sunday: brunch with Gert and Joe, play selection committee meeting, pick up U2 tickets (have I mentioned that Gert and I are going to the U2/Black Eyed Peas concert a week from today?) home to rest a little bit then to the bar for Colts football.

Monday: meet Bonusmom at noon to shop for Fall Fest. Comedy with the NYCVegan.

Tuesday: 7:30 am report for mother effing jury duty.

Wed: hopefully report to work because said mother effing jury duty has decided not to use me.

Thursday: Wish Gert a Happy Birthday. Wish the NYCVegan a Happy Birthday. Help set up for fall fest.

Friday: Fall Fest

Saturday: work during the day banging hair. work a wedding that night.

Sunday: U2 and Black Eyed Peas with Gert! HALLA!!!

this week makes me tired just looking at it.

I need some Halloween costume ideas. Boyfriend and I are going to a party and need some inspiration. Help us.

Before I know it, I’ll be flying off to Chicago and seeing Dionysas and Kizz and all my Saginaw peeps….

my favorite time of year. hands down.

how’s your life going?

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