Another Trip to the Doc.

So, that lovely little UTI thing I had last week? Faithfully injested twice daily the antibiotic and the cranberry and everything I was supposed to do. Didn’t budge. I was swinging back to the dark side with the pain so this morning I just decided to say to hell with it. I went to a First Med clinic. (do NOT get me started on the insurance thing people. just do NOT.) The office visit was 80 bucks. I think that’s fair, ya know. I got right in. No appointment. It was a clean facility, all good stuff.

Well, after telling them that I’d already done a round of meds and what not, they were a little skeptical that any kind of test would read clearly…yeah. I guess when you’re off the freakin charts with bad things swimming around in you, it reads pretty clear. The doc was super nice, offered to give me a shot of antibiotics to jump start this, but when he realized I was self pay. (no insurance) he went to see the cost first. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a shot of antibiotics.

we said no thank you and just got the script for the pills and the pain.

another 80 bucks to fill ONE of those and I came home. I took a pain pill I had in the cabinet and actually slept for almost four hours…this is wearing me out. it really really is.

and I’m soooo nervous about jury duty tomorrow. I’m nervous about getting there so early, getting parked and reporting by 7:30 am. I’m nervous about no phones with me, no computers with me, so I’ve got four plays from committee mtg to read. I’m nervous about sitting all day and not getting called. I’m nervous about getting called and going into the courtroom and having a panic attack from sense memories of the time I had to testify in the murder trial. I’m nervous about getting picked on a jury. I’m nervous about not working…


I had a super great fantastic weekend though! Boyfriend and I hung out in Batshitcrazytown on Friday. We went to the War Bar and sat with his best friend and talked to Gert. We stopped by his parents house for a visit first, and that was nice. Saturday was Race for the Cure and it was just amazing. Elephantsoap took photos, check out her blog for those. Saturday night, as posted below, was another fun one and then last night he and I went up to the bar for some Colts football and fellowship. Home around 10 and since I was feeling pretty bad by then, sleep came fast.

I am going to comedy tonight. I know I should stay home, but the NYC Vegan is performing. I am DYING to see his face! I’ll skip out early due to my tomorrow, but I must must MUST go see him tonight!.

what else??? I’m hungry. I’m sloshy from the 64 ounces of cranberry juice that is in my belly. and that’s about it.

i’ll keep you posted!

Oh, here’s my reading list this week for the Play Selection Committee

Steve & Idi by David Grimm
Beauty on the Vine by Zak Berkman
The Farnsworth Invention by Aaron Sorkin
Great Falls by Lee Blessing

I’ll report back later!!!

huzzuah and halakaleem!

4 thoughts on “Another Trip to the Doc.

  1. Oh man. Take your doctor's prescription notes or recipes with you. Maybe you can use that to get off the jury.REST, REST and REST!


  2. i decided not to do comedytoinght even though it means missing my seth all the way from new york. i am taking your advice. packing lots of the script stuff, taking cranberry juice with me, the scripts…all of it. i'm nervous i wont get to pee a lot….my solution is to go to bed right now.


  3. Per-rid-ee-um… it makes your pee orange… did they give you any for pain? It helps me. I drink mass Cran Juice babe. That CranEnergy is a staple for me. And the light Cran Juice… do without the sugar. I hope this gets better. I feel ya. They bring me down to my knees off the charts pain.


  4. You can take cranberry pills too and eat Craisins. Those can help keep you from having to drink it all. It gives me heartburn to drink that much! Also, did you get the over the counter AZO? And Gert is right, it will make you pee orange and it stains.. just FYI! I hope you get some relief. They are miserable!!!!! Hawk


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