LOVE THURSDAY: Birthday Girl!

She is the most successful relationship in my life. We have been through hell and back. We have the scars to prove it. Falling books. Broken hearts. She is always ass deep in funk around and on her birthday…but this year…THIS YEAR she’s got a perk about her! She has an amazing cast of love surrounding her finishing up Sunday night with she and I screaming our hearts out at the U2 concert!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, today is Gert’s birthday. Today is Love Thursday. She is the epitome of how I feel about this day. I love her. She loves me back. We are far from perfect. We are closer to perfect than imperfect, though! She is risking and leaping and growing and moving and changing and making her dreams come true in order to pass that gift along to her beautiful child…and it’s not easy, and it’s not fun all the time but she’s doing it in one Big Texas Hanging Way. So, be it here or over at her place, go. Give my girl some love.

Happy Happy Day my dear. Happy Happy Day.

4 thoughts on “LOVE THURSDAY: Birthday Girl!

  1. Love Thursdays are so great. Really one of my favorite parts of the morning is to read through the love entries. I even check them before I check my email.Happy Birthday Gert!


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