Fall Fest 09

Fall Fest on the Frontier tonight! The boyfriend and I went out last night to string lights, set out the straw bales, hang banners, move tables, set up the inflatable, eat dinner with Crazy MeMe.

My MeMe is batshitcrazy. so much so that we need a new word for batshitcrazy. She told my boyfriend that he was tall, but the men in our family were much taller and skinnier.


She was pretty good entertainment for the evening. He didn’t run away screaming…in fact it was hard to figure out which one of them was talking the most!

I’ve been running ragged and the thing is…it’s not going to end until mid November. Seriously. Just SO BUSY!!!! I’m super psyched for this weekend. Making money tomorrow which I need. I’ve already got an envelope addressed to Ft Worth! I get the concert of a lifetime with my girl and only my girl (and 60,000 other people) on Sunday. Next week there’s a possible Girls Night Out on Thursday, theatre Friday, the 2nd Annual Smores & Whores party at my house Saturday, the next dang weekend is Halloween!!!!

We still need costumes for our party. ANYONE???? Ideas?

Hope your Friday is Fabulous. Huzzuah and Halakaleem. I’ve got to gulp this coffee, take more vitamin C (our poor FactoryGirl at work got the flu)load up all my stuff for the party and for the weekend, get to work, bang some hair….count the hours.

I finished The Farnsworth Invention by The Sork.

THREE THUMBS UP. I wish I’d seen it on Broadway. I just do….gah. I think we can do this. It’s a LOT of men. a LOT of different scenes in a LOT of different places. Working in the round presents its own set of challenges but I know we can do this. I think it’s a great piece for our educational show that we do for the schools in the Spring. I wish The Sork would have written about ohhhhhhh HALF the roles for women as he wrote for men, but oh well. He needs to write more.

Ok thats it. I’m outta here. Gotta go check new stuff on http://twitter.com/Shitmydadsays

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