And it was good…

dont have a whole lot of time before boyfriend arrives. we’re having yet another talk tonight. seems this relationship thing is kind of a bitch for both sides. no one fret. all is good. but I’m runnong on sparse alone time…so am trying to guzzle *BURN* down some egg drop soup that should still be boiling and watching a bit of my Thunder play some bball! Cant believe it’s started again! Woo Hoo!!!

Today was a good day at work.
Tomorrow I’m open from 9-7 with two appointments and my day starting at 5pm.


this is what I want to say to you…it’s shitty everywhere. It just is. There is a lot of funk floating amongst us, all of us. take a minute to realize that you’re not alone. that we WILL survive whatever this is, and that tomorrow is fresh and new.

I’m holding on to that.

and now, back to my scalding soup.

2 thoughts on “And it was good…

  1. If you don't make time for important things (God, Family, Relationships, Friends) in that order, you will soon find yourself with a lot of time and doing the same old. You are like Mom tho must have alone time…but be sure what you want before you squeeze out the wrong thing. There are those who want you only for themselves, when they have time for you. This happened before when you had a serious relationship. I love you more than you know, or realize!!!Mamo


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