Love Thursday

Today I’m hanging on by my nails. I have two appointments. My day is bare bones. I’m struggling with some decisions that need to be made. I feel fat and gross and want to start working out. I am tired from the month.


some things I love are:

Cletus. and the carvings that commenced when Elephantsoap and Numskullery came over and made me dinner and laughed and cried at Biggest Loser. I love my friends. Lookie at what she carved…awwww!

Modern Family. If you arent watching this you’re missing out. There isn’t much that makes me laugh right out loud on a thursday morning at 5:45. But last night’s ep sure did. it sure did. Set the DVR. Go to Hulu and catch up. It’s worth the time.

Travel. I leave one week from today. I cannot possibly wait. We, these people and I, will turn back time. Im betting there is chocolate. and Laughter and Tears. and Singing. Just like it should be.

today, that is what I love.
that, and you. I love that and you and him. i sure do love him.

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