Love Thursday: Super Friends

I got home last night, after a long day. Up early at the gym, morning class that was dreadful, afternoon of working then rushing off at 7:30 to the sketch comedy live event! I missed the first comic and half the first sketch but made it for the rest. Sooo good. One comic just sucked it up, and well. He sucks all the time. Not my favorite person, not my favorite comedian. Anyhoo….it was awesome. Hanging with all these people, who worked so hard on a project this summer. It felt good to see the final product!

I got home, really tired. Really. Tired. Fed the livestock, had two on the couch with me snuggled in, and Stormy Soprano. was inside too. Curiously inside. And quiet. Under the table, curiously inside and quiet.

This is why…

That, my friends, is the Remains of the Squirrel. Not just a movie anymore. Starring Stormy Soprano: Killer For Hire.

*cue freakout*

I mean, I have cleaned my share of mice and birds from the house before, but this…THIS is more like a dead body than anything!!! And Stormy is just laying over it, gnawing, looking at his owner who is screaming and doing the tippy two gross out dance around her house.

TGFF (Thank God For Facebook)

because you know I’m addicted. I leapt over the couch, tried to ignore the body under the table, posted my status in all caps freak out mode, and two seconds later? Joe. Phone. ON MY WAY.

so, today, on this Love Thursday, I love life. I love my cats. I love the Flyover Scene Sketch that we participated in and saw to the end last night, but most of all? I love Joe. Joe who I’ve known since the 5th grade. Joe who has seen me through so many phases of my life. Joe who drives around town with me getting snow melt, or cleans up the dead bodies that my own private Soprano leaves around here.

I’m a very independent woman. I credit my mother for raising me that way. But there are times, when even the most independent of women, needs a man in a cape.

4 thoughts on “Love Thursday: Super Friends

  1. I love Joe too. Because could you imagine what that would have smelled like if left until today? God bless that man. Chris handles all the dead things at our house.


  2. I've always been the girl in the cape who deals with the bugs in the home or office, but dead squirrel????Nope. No siree. Uh-huh.


  3. Maybe you should get a dog. All Millie leaves us is a small amount of poo….I would just collapse if I found a squirrel…I thank Joe with all my heart. Can't wait to see you.Love you,Mamo


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