Oh Friday…Where Have You Been?

Long week?
yep. yep.

Slow at work. I’m freakin out, but not as much today as yesterday. Sleep helps the paranoia. I didn’t go to the gym this morning either. flop. It’s a constant struggle, yes? yes. But a little is more than nothing and a little will be come a little more and it will happen.

So. The weekend. Got plans?
I’m going to a holiday open house with Pseudo Sis 1. Our friend owns a fabulous furniture store here in OKC, so we’re doing that. Tomorrow facetime with Hawk and Ringo, and hopefully Gert. Sunday I have a play committee meeting and I have yet to complete one single reading of one single play. I’m sucked into the second Outlander book. Hard. Bah…

Hope you have a fabulous Friday. MUAH!

One thought on “Oh Friday…Where Have You Been?

  1. Wait until you get to the one with the big snow flake on the cover (can't remember the title). She came out with a new one a few months ago.Enjoy your weekend!


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