I’ma Bust You In The Rhymes…Sprint.

I’m seriously about to have a mental breakdown over my cell phone carrier. Sprint. I’ve been with them the entirity of my cellular life. Same company. Same number. Same Same Same. And I know how to deal with them…but I’m pretty stinking sure that I’m breaking up with them this week…

It all started when I actually began using the phone to TALK. Talk to the boyfriend. I talked too much and went over my minutes. a lot. *eyeroll* So I called, I talked, I listened. I got a 150.00 credit because they like me and see that this was a mistake. I paid the extra 80 in overages and we changed my plan, increased the minutes, prorated it all and va va voom!

easy breezy beautiful.

Then a week ago, I get my bill. 500.00 on said bill.

What. The. Fraggle?

Another phone call. This time to Ann. She spoke English, which helps. Turns out, they never did the last round of work. They never credited my account. They never changed my plan. They never prorated anything. and now they say I owe five hundred dollars.

Eff that in the A.

So we figure it out. We administer all the credits. I get my confirmation number and wait a day or two for all of that to clear to find my total.

Today, I call in, pay my 60 that was past due because of all this shit, and see that my next bill is still 230.00.


I got transferred, after about an hour on the phone, and was in the middle of the conversation when my phone disconnected. Either she cut me off. Or the call just dropped. Or whatever. But here’s the deal…I’m really tired of picking up my phone, bending over and sticking it right up my bum. I’m really tired of opening my bill, bending over, and sticking it right up my bum. I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY TIRED of getting raped by SPRINT!!!!!

so they can suck it. from what I saw online, I’ve completed my contract committment. I”m going to the Sprint store tomorrow and will gladly pay my 130.00 monthly bill and we will wrestle (pronounced wrastle here in The Plains) if I have to pay the rest. Seriously. If I have to pay the entire thing? I’m quitting.

it’s put me in a shitty shitty mood, and up until I finished with the girls today and got canceled for dinner with Bonusmom (she’s got the sinus) I had had a great day.

And i’m feeling stressed about the week. I have one appointment tomorrow. So that means I have room for tons of call ins and walk ins!!! God grant me the jazz hands to razzle dazzle the hell out of tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I’ma Bust You In The Rhymes…Sprint.

  1. The problem is that ALL cell carriers suck. Also ALL cable companies suck. It's just a sad sad fact of modern life. Maybe the universe made us trade good customer service for the Internet.


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